Some examples of Data Science projects and portolios by former students.

Course designed and taught by Richard Davies, Denes Csala and Charlie Meyrick at the University of Bristol.

Hannah Tyler-Street

Comparing healthcare systems across Europe

Marina Barats

Is social mobility related to better business climate?

Max Moore

European energy consumption: Are the trends clear?

James Jeffrey

Reducing the carbon intensity of electricity

Nia Thomas

Global social moblity

Poppea Roberts

Does Reddit influence the stock market?

Finn Casey Castro

Can machine learning help prevent crypto-fraud?

Joshua Hellings

Renewables and the potential for solar

Leen Ayesh

Sub-Saharan Africa: urbanisation and women’s rights

Toby Winn

Life satisfaction and income

Korina Mavrokordatou

Analysis of the BLM movement through social media

Athirah Mohd Ridzal

Exploring government quality in colonised countries

Henry Robinson

The rising cost of pharmaceuticals

Nataly Tsangarides

Demographics and political orientation

Sacha Henson

Does crime affect house prices?

Jamie Broadhurst

Can Bitcoin really be considered digital gold?

Jamie Prince Guneratnam

How educated are our billionaires?

Joe Ramsahoye

Elon Musk and the cryptocurrency market

Norette Vulkan

Explaining happiness

Ollie Hilton

Are taxes bad?

Chris Brierley


Christina Pham

Economic mobility in the United States

Daniel Beeston

Does freedom lead to growth...and should we care?